Bobby Kotick is the Chief Executive Officer of Activision Blizzard. Over the course of more than two decades under his leadership, Activision Blizzard has grown to become the world’s largest and most profitable western interactive entertainment company.  Read More…


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Activision Blizzard Plans E-Sports League That Looks More Like NFL

Competitive-videogaming enthusiasts believe one day e-sports will be just like traditional sports, with player contracts and a league champion. Activision Blizzard Inc. wants to make that a reality starting as soon as next year. The biggest videogame company in the U.S. by market value said Friday it is talking to owners of more than 100 traditional and e-sports teams to gauge their interest in joining a league for its videogame “Overwatch” that would operate like the National Football League and other professional sports organizations. The company declined to name any of the people. >> Read more at the Wall Street Journal Featured Image by Marco Verch | Flickr

‘Overwatch’ heading for the big esports league

Activision Blizzard is launching its first esports league around its popular Overwatch game, as it looks to recreate the multibillion-dollar franchises and highly paid players of traditional US sports such as NFL football and NBA basketball. The move is an attempt to professionalise the fast-growing industry of competitive videogaming, which has gone from niche hobby to mass-market entertainment in the last few years. Activision’s approach is designed to introduce regular salaries for top players, increase prize money and attract new sponsors. >> Read full article at the Financial Times Featured Image by Wasin Waeosri | Flickr

Activision Blizzard to Create eSports League for ‘Overwatch’ Video Game

Activision Blizzard is hoping to turn eSports into something akin to the NFL, including franchise teams tied to various cities and a “combine” for tryouts. The company on Friday announced the creation of an Overwatch League, whereby teams will hire the best players of Overwatch, one of Activision Blizzard’s most popular games, and play each other for fame and fortune while in front of fans — in live arenas and via internet streaming. >> Read full article at Hollywood Reporter Featured Image courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard to launch pro sports league for ‘Overwatch’

One of Blizzard Entertainment's hottest video games is making the jump into a professional sports league. The studio, a division of video game publisher Activision Blizzard, announced Friday the launch of Overwatch League, a professional video gaming league kicking off its inaugural season during the second half of 2017. Details of the league were revealed during Blizzcon, the studio's annual fan event in Anaheim, Calif. Blizzard says the league will combine competitive video gaming — better known as eSports — with hallmarks of professional sports leagues like the National Football League, complete with teams based in various cities worldwide featuring owners who will cultivate team and player development. >>Read the full article at USA Today Featured Image courtesy Blizzard Entertainment

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Pitfall! by Activision - 1983 TV Commercial featuring Jack Black

Pitfall! by Activision – 1983 TV Commercial featuring Jack Black

This is a 1983 TV commercial for Activision’s Pitfall! video game, featuring a young Jack Black.
Activision Christmas Commercial - Decathlon & Enduro

Activision Christmas Commercial – Activision Decathlon & Enduro

Activision Christmas TV commercial from 1980’s, featuring Activision Decathlon and Enduro.

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